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Welcome to Alloy Artifacts!

Alloy Artifacts is an online tool museum and resource center for information on 20th century hand tools. You'll find thousands of high-quality photographs of different types and makes of tools, with background history on the tool companies that helped shape the industry. We also provide tables of patents and trademarks, logo images to help identify unfamiliar tools, a timeline of tool industry events, and finally a Site Index to help find everything.

Tools in the Alloy Artifacts Collection
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  The Quotidian Artifact

Website Maintenance

April 5, 2021. After a long hiatus we've started dusting off the web pages here at Alloy Artifacts. Unfortunately we found a lot of bit-rot, especially with the Google Books clips of period ads or articles — many of these had turned to gibberish, as it seems that the underlying volumes had been reorganized. In most cases the links still went to the same volume, so we were able to find the original item and make a new clip. These clips add a lot of value to the site, but have turned out to be more fragile than expected, and we hope there won't be too many more changes.

Since we were doing general maintenance anyway, we also spent some time to upgrade the web pages to the latest HTML standards, and then ran the pages through the W3C validator. Hopefully this will help ensure that the site works well on whatever devices our visitors are using.

In this flurry of mundane changes we've also been sneaking in a few additions, mostly in the form of scans of period catalogs, but with a few new trademarks and other minor improvements. Be sure to check your favorite pages for changes!

Responsive Design Changes Complete!

May 11, 2019. We've completed our planned changes and hope that visitors with mobile devices are finding the site easier to use. Please let us know if you run into any problems!

Responsive Design Changes Underway ...

April 18, 2019. We recently started working on some long-planned changes to make the website more accessible to mobile devices, with the goal of having the site look good and work well on any kind of device. The changes will include features such as scalable images, smarter navigation menus, folding tables, a mobile-friendly index search facility, and various layout changes.

As a demonstration of the planned changes, we've updated several pages to the newer design and invite anyone interested to try viewing them on your mobile device, or simply play around with resizing your browser window to watch the response. Currently the updated pages are the home page here and the articles on Duro/Indestro, Mossberg, Hinsdale, and Western Auto Supply. We'll be adding more as time permits.

New Index Search Now Available

April 14, 2019. We've added a new feature that lets you search the entire index using keywords such as company names, tool types, or model numbers. Just enter your search terms in the form at the top of the home page and hit 'Search', and a new page will come up with a ranked list of matching links. The search is case-insensitive and will find partial matches, so you don't need to enter the full keyword, and to look for multiple words together you can join them with an underscore (e.g. duro_metal_products).

Home Page Changelog (Last Updated April 5, 2021)
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