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[Kraeuter Early 2801-6 Dreadnought 6 Inch Lineman's Pliers]
Kraeuter Early [2801-6] "Dreadnought" 6 Inch Lineman's Pliers, with Insets for Reverse, Side View, and Marking Detail, ca. 1914.

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This site is your online resource for 20th century hand tools and the companies that made them. You'll find information on thousands of different makes and types of tools, along with high-quality photographs to show details for each tool, and with background history on the tool companies that helped shape the industry. The website also provides tables of patents and trademarks, logo images to help identify unfamiliar tools, and finally a Site Index to help find everything.

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Alloy Artifacts is 10! September 2015 marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Alloy Artifacts website. From a modest beginning with three articles and ten or twenty photographs, the site has grown to offer more than 5,000 photographs and historical information for dozens of tool companies. Long-time readers may remember the "dark ages" before this site came online, when an internet search for a tool or tool company likely found nothing at all, or at best a mix of speculation and misinformation. Alloy Artifacts provides solid information in the form of photographs, references to printed material, public documents such as patents and trademarks, and (when possible) links to other online resources.

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