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Index of 251 Manufacturers

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A&E Manufacturing   H & E Wrench   Q.M.S.
AIGO Kōgyō   H-P Tool Mfg.   Quality Tools Corp.
Abegg & Reinhold   Hall, Charles E. Co.   Reed Manufacturing Co.
Allen Mfg.   Handee Wrench   Rex Wrench
Allen Wrench & Tool   Hartford Special Mach.   Rhode Island Tool
American Chain Co.   Hawkeye Wrench   Richards Mfg.
American Plierench Corp.   Hazet   Ridge Tool Company
American Saw Company   Heller Brothers   Riken Kaki Kōgyō
Armstrong Bros. Tool   Henry & Allen Company   Robert Wrench
Arrow Tool   Herbrand Corp.   Rogers Printz
Asahi Kinzoku Kōgyō   Heyco   Ronson Specialty Co.
Atha Tool Co.   Hi-Test Premier Products   Rosel, W.E. Company
Ayer, F.H. Manufacturing   Hibbard Spencer Bartlett   Scholler Mfg.
BAHCO   Hinckley-Myers   Schollhorn, William Co.
Barcalo Mfg.   Hinsdale Mfg.   Schriver, O.P.
Barnes Tool Co.   Hjorth, William & Co.   Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Basford, H.R. Co.   Hoe Corp.   Sedgley, R.F.
Battery Equip. & Supply   Hol-Set Manufacturing   Service Engineering Corp.
Bay State   Husky Wrench   Sherman-Klove Co.
Beckley-Ralston   Imperial Tool Company   Showa Supana Seizo
Belzer   Indestro Mfg.   Simplex Wrench Co.
Bemis & Call   Interstate Drop Forge   Smith & Hemenway
Bergman Tool Mfg.   Irland Pipe Wrench   Smith, H.D. Company
Bethlehem Spark Plug Co.   Irvington Mfg.   Smith, Thomas & Sons
Billings & Spencer   Japan Inst. of Standards   Snap-On Wrench Company
Blackhawk Mfg.   K-D Manufacturing   Snap-on Tools Corp.
Blue Point   Keystone Mfg.   Southington Mfg.
Bog Mfg.   Kilborn & Bishop   Specialty Tools, Inc.
Boker, H. & Company   King Pressed Steel   Spring Leaf Lubricator Co.
Bonner, C.E. Mfg.   King, J.M. & Company   St. Pierre Chain Corp.
Bonney Forge & Tool   Klein, M. & Sons   Stahlwille
Boos Tool Co.   Knipex   Standard Wrench & Tool
Braunsdorf-Mueller Co.   Kraeuter & Co.   Starrett, L.S. Company
Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.   Kyoto Tool Company   Stephens Wrench Co.
Brosnihan Wrench Co.   Lakeside Forge Co.   Stubai
Brown Company   Lamson & Sessions   Super Tool Company
Buffum Tool Co.   Lane, Will B. Co.   Superior Wrench
Buhl Sons   Larco Wrench & Mfg.   Syracuse Wrench Co.
Bullard Automatic Wrench   Larson Tool & Stamping   Thorsen Manufacturing
C & G Wheel Puller   Lea Way Hand Tool   Three Peaks Giken
C.M.B. Wrench   Lectrolite Corp.   Tobrin Tool Company
California Tool Co.   Lindström, F.E.   Toho Koki Company
Cape Ann Tool Company   Lisle Corporation   Tone Company
Carlson Manufacturing Co.   Lobtex Company   Top Kōgyō Company
Champion De Arment   Los Angeles Tool Co.   Tower & Lyon
Chase, H.H. Company   Lowentraut, P. Mfg.   Tracht-Odenthal
Chicago Mfg. & Dist.   Lueck, F.R. Mfg.   Trimont Mfg.
Cleveland Hdwe. & Forging   MAC Tools   Truecraft Tool Co.
Cleveland Wrench Co.   MacDonald, J.N.   Truth Tool Co.
Cochran Pipe Wrench Mfg.   Mayhew Steel Products   U.S. Hame Company
Coes Wrench Company   McKaig-Hatch   United Shoe Machinery
Collins Company   Meisei Tsushō   Unknown Forge Mark
Cornwell Quality Tools   Miki Netsuren   Utica Drop Forge & Tool
Crescent Forgings   Miller Combination Tool   Vanadium Tool Co.
Crescent Mfg.   Miller Tool & Mfg.   Vandegrift Mfg.
Crescent Tool Co.   Miller, Charles Co.   Vaughan & Bushnell
Cronk & Carrier Mfg.   Millers Falls   Vim Tool Company
Currier-Koeth Mfg.   Milwaukee Tool & Forge   Vlchek Tool Co.
D.T.M. Corporation   Mito Koki Company   Vulcan Manufacturing
Daido Corporation   Montgomery Ward & Co.   Wakefield Wrench
Danielson, J.P. Company   Moore Drop Forging   Walden-Worcester, Inc.
Detroit Tool and Forge   Mossberg, Frank Co.   Walworth Manufacturing
Diamond Calk Horseshoe   Motor Specialties Co.   Waymoth Corporation
Dowidat   Mystery Tool   Weber-Knapp Company
Dunbar Drop Forge Co.   Nagel-Chase Mfg.   Western Auto Supply
Duro Metal Products   National Hand Tool Corp.   Whitman & Barnes
E.T. Company   New Britain Machine   Wilde Tool
Eagle Claw Wrench Co.   New Britain Mfg.   Williams, J.H. & Co.
Eastern Machine Screw   Orencoverken AB   Williams, T. Company
Efficiency Device Corp.   Osaka Forging Company   Winner Tool Company
Elgin Tool & Socket   Osborne, C.S.   Wright Tool and Forge
Elora   Oswego Tool Co.   Wright Wrench
Enderes Tools   Owatonna Tool Co.   Yamaco Company
Erie Tool Works   P&C Hand Forged Tool   Zim Manufacturing
FACOM   Packer Auto Specialty    
Fairmount Tool & Forging   Page-Storms Drop Forge    
Faw, J.H. Company   Palmer Brothers    
Foot, H. & Company   Park Metalware    
Forged Steel Products   Parmelee Wrench Co.    
Fuller Tool Company   Peck, Stow, & Wilcox    
GEDORE   Peerless Wrench    
Garrington   Pendleton Tool Ind.    
Gellman Mfg.   Penens Corporation    
Gendron Iron Wheel Co.   Petersen Mfg. Co.    
Girard Wrench Mfg.   Place Mfg.    
Goodell-Pratt   Plomb Tool    
Gordon Tools   Port Clinton Mfg.    
Green, Tweed & Co.        
Greenfield Tap & Die        
Guthard, Edgar C. Co.        
H & E Wrench        
H-P Tool Mfg.        
Hall, Charles E. Co.        
Handee Wrench        
Hartford Special Mach.        
Hawkeye Wrench        
Heller Brothers        
Henry & Allen Company        
Herbrand Corp.        
Hi-Test Premier Products        
Hibbard Spencer Bartlett        
Hinsdale Mfg.        
Hjorth, William & Co.        
Hoe Corp.        
Hol-Set Manufacturing        
Husky Wrench        
Imperial Tool Company        
Indestro Mfg.        
Interstate Drop Forge        
Irland Pipe Wrench        
Irvington Mfg.        
Japan Inst. of Standards        
K-D Manufacturing        
Keystone Mfg.        
Kilborn & Bishop        
King Pressed Steel        
King, J.M. & Company        
Klein, M. & Sons        
Kraeuter & Co.        
Kyoto Tool Company        
Lakeside Forge Co.        
Lamson & Sessions        
Lane, Will B. Co.        
Larco Wrench & Mfg.        
Larson Tool & Stamping        
Lea Way Hand Tool        
Lectrolite Corp.        
Lindström, F.E.        
Lisle Corporation        
Lobtex Company        
Los Angeles Tool Co.        
Lowentraut, P. Mfg.        
Lueck, F.R. Mfg.        
MAC Tools        
MacDonald, J.N.        
Mayhew Steel Products        
Meisei Tsushō        
Miki Netsuren        
Miller Combination Tool        
Miller Tool & Mfg.        
Miller, Charles Co.        
Millers Falls        
Milwaukee Tool & Forge        
Mito Koki Company        
Montgomery Ward & Co.        
Moore Drop Forging        
Mossberg, Frank Co.        
Motor Specialties Co.        
Mystery Tool        
Nagel-Chase Mfg.        
National Hand Tool Corp.        
New Britain Machine        
New Britain Mfg.        
Orencoverken AB        
Osaka Forging Company        
Osborne, C.S.        
Oswego Tool Co.        
Owatonna Tool Co.        
P&C Hand Forged Tool        
Packer Auto Specialty        
Page-Storms Drop Forge        
Palmer Brothers        
Park Metalware        
Parmelee Wrench Co.        
Peck, Stow, & Wilcox        
Peerless Wrench        
Pendleton Tool Ind.        
Penens Corporation        
Petersen Mfg. Co.        
Place Mfg.        
Plomb Tool        
Port Clinton Mfg.        
Quality Tools Corp.        
Reed Manufacturing Co.        
Rex Wrench        
Rhode Island Tool        
Richards Mfg.        
Ridge Tool Company        
Riken Kaki Kōgyō        
Robert Wrench        
Rogers Printz        
Ronson Specialty Co.        
Rosel, W.E. Company        
Scholler Mfg.        
Schollhorn, William Co.        
Schriver, O.P.        
Sears, Roebuck & Co.        
Sedgley, R.F.        
Service Engineering Corp.        
Sherman-Klove Co.        
Showa Supana Seizo        
Simplex Wrench Co.        
Smith & Hemenway        
Smith, H.D. Company        
Smith, Thomas & Sons        
Snap-On Wrench Company        
Snap-on Tools Corp.        
Southington Mfg.        
Specialty Tools, Inc.        
Spring Leaf Lubricator Co.        
St. Pierre Chain Corp.        
Standard Wrench & Tool        
Starrett, L.S. Company        
Stephens Wrench Co.        
Super Tool Company        
Superior Wrench        
Syracuse Wrench Co.        
Thorsen Manufacturing        
Three Peaks Giken        
Tobrin Tool Company        
Toho Koki Company        
Tone Company        
Top Kōgyō Company        
Tower & Lyon        
Trimont Mfg.        
Truecraft Tool Co.        
Truth Tool Co.        
U.S. Hame Company        
United Shoe Machinery        
Unknown Forge Mark        
Utica Drop Forge & Tool        
Vanadium Tool Co.        
Vandegrift Mfg.        
Vaughan & Bushnell        
Vim Tool Company        
Vlchek Tool Co.        
Vulcan Manufacturing        
Wakefield Wrench        
Walden-Worcester, Inc.        
Walworth Manufacturing        
Waymoth Corporation        
Weber-Knapp Company        
Western Auto Supply        
Whitman & Barnes        
Wilde Tool        
Williams, J.H. & Co.        
Williams, T. Company        
Winner Tool Company        
Wright Tool and Forge        
Wright Wrench        
Yamaco Company        
Zim Manufacturing        

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